Tryhart Games Studio has ceased to be. It is closed for business.


Try hard? Try Heart? Try Art?

Tryhart was a danish game development studio. It is no more.

We wanted to create something magnificient, but didn't succeded.

So the Tryhart Games Studio is no more. What, if anything, will happen now, we do not know.

In business, uncertainty is something you seek to eliminate.

In art, it is the beacon you navigate by.

We will see if it sets the right course for the future.

Intelligent Games

We want to make intelligent games for adult gamers.

Intelligent games deals with adult themes in a sincere & serious way. Themes like religion, ethics, relationships, erotics, social norms, existential issues.

Intelligent games are ambitious about content; they are entertaining, but are open for interpretation and ambiguity. They challenge the players intellectually & emotionally.

Intelligent games gives the player food for thought and linger on afterwards.

And they are games, - not books, movies, tv-series or comics. Just games.

Baby The Knife

Our first game is Baby The Knife.

Baby is a 6 year old christian girl, who was raised to believe that everything is the will of God. She loses her parents and one night she seeks out God to confront him about her loss.

You can read more the game at our Baby The Knife Blog.

The People

The team behind Baby The Knife is a diverse lot.

We have three things in commen:

We all care about games

We all want to make a difference with what we do.

We are all highly skilled in what we do.

You can read about the individual members in the People Section.