Intelligent games for adult gamers

Intelligent Games

Games need to grow up.

Digital games came around in late 1970s and many of us grew up playing games. We were space marines, plumbers, kung fu masters and knights in fantasy kingdoms. The worlds were fantastic universes inspired by fantasy and sci-fi litterateur and we saved them over and over again – usually through the use of brute force.

We the players grew older – grew up – but games didn't.

Games today still take place in the same universes and deal with the same themes. You play the hero who have to fight against all odds against overwhelming opposition against an apocalyptic backdrop where you are the only one who can save the world. The heroes are testosterone driven stereotypes and the villains are evil or mad to the core. All moral conflicts are reduced to binary choices between good and evil with no moral ambiguity at all. It is a simplified representation of reality fit for teenagers, but way too simple for intelligent grown-ups.

We want to take games elsewhere. Games deserve more. Players deserve more. We want to make intelligent games for adults.

The characters in the games will have complex personalities like real humans. The moral dilemmas will be genuine moral dilemmas: not the choice between good and evil, but between several equally undesirable options. The games will deal with themes with no easy answers but with food for thought. We want to deal with real life issues; things that adult people struggle with in their everyday life. Religion, ethics, relationships, work, psychological issues and social challenges. We want to make intelligent games that challenges people's intelligence and leave food for thought afterward.

They will take reflection to understand; the meaning will not be in your face but require you to think. Nothing in these games will be arbitrary; there will be no unnecessary filler. Everything in the game will be there for a reason; everything will be thematically justified.

They will be games in every definition of the word and will use the medium to the fullest. They will be interesting, challenging and innovative. They will put the player in control. They will not be interactive art pieces, interactive fiction or branching movies. They will be playable from start to finish and empower the player to examine the universe, plot and game play fully.

They will make a difference to those who play them, - even after they are done playing.