Intelligent games for adult gamers

The Artists

The artists makes the difference.

Tryhart began with the idea about Baby The Knife.

I wanted to make a game that would be relevant to me as an adult gamer and as an intellectual.

A team of friends quickly rallied around the idea. We have a variety of backgrounds and experiences, but are all experts within our fields.

An artwork reflects the creators. A game reflects the creators.

Baby The Knife will reflect these people; their skills, passions and ambitions.

Anders H

Anders Højsted

Creative Director

Louise Pierrel Mikkelsen

Business Developer

Kristian Hedeholm

Lead Programmer & Puzzle Designer
B.Sc.(Computer Science)

Steffan Weber Nielsen

3D Animator

Patrick V. Højstrøm

3D Artist

Jonathan E. Grace

Concept & 3D Artist